New MSU task force to combat on-campus sexual assault

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Newschannel 6 has learned another on-campus sexual assault was reported at Midwestern State University that allegedly took place last semester.

It is the fifth sexual assault reported at the college in 2017. Two of the assaults are still under investigation.

The college created a new task force to combat these types of attacks.

Texas Woman's University is using federal grant money, worth $750,000 for three years, to help MSU, and eight other schools, form the task force.

Part of the multi-disciplinary task force's job is to analyze data from a Campus Climate Survey annually and find out how widespread sexual assault is on school grounds.

The first survey went out this Spring to students via e-mail, Org Sync, and social media. Around 900 students participated.

The committee will look at the results of the data to find out where the school needs to improve.

"Where we have gaps, the idea is to implement interventions or programming with our student body and our campus community," Dr. Keith Lamb, MSU Vice President for Student Affairs, said. "Sexual assaults are underreported on college campuses and society as a whole."

He also said the committee may lead to more students speaking out on the issue and more victims reporting the attacks.

"That means we are creating a climate where a victim feels more comfortable to report. They feel more confident in the institution's response."

More dialogue is what some students would like to see.

"I think we hear about it in different situations but not everybody has heard the same information," senior nursing student, Rebeca Acuna said.

Paige Cantrell, a freshman, and an education major said she does feel safe on-campus but would like to see more safety procedures added.

"More security outside buildings at night, to be on watch at parking lots, especially at the bigger parking lots where things can happen," Cantrell said.

The results of the campus climate survey will arrive late next month or early December.

You can read what is on the Campus Climate Survey below.

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