Candidates in final preps before election day

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Election day in Texas is Tuesday, November 7, and four candidates for the Wichita Falls City Councilor-at-Large position, are in the final push to get the vote from the people.

All four candidates said they are ready for the election and if elected they all hope to make Wichita Falls better.

"I'm a little bit nervous," said candidate Penny Miller.  "There is no sure way to know how people are going to vote."

"I'm just really happy that we have so much interest in the seat," said candidate Bobby Whiteley.

Candidate Charles Barr spent Wednesday morning putting up signs.

If elected, he wants to help city leaders keep up the progress in his hometown and not necessarily make changes.

"I want to do some more of it and I want to work with them," said Barr.

Candidate Brendan Bell has spent the week putting up signs and going to events to meet people. His biggest goal was build up downtown.

"I think everybody is in line with downtown," said Bell.  "I'm not on a committee, I'm not on a board, but my boots are on the ground downtown."

Candidate Bobby Whiteley used the last week getting his name out in the community. He said if elected, he wants to build the relationship with the city and outside projects.

"When somebody comes forth with a project that's going to help our economy, we should be extending a hand," said Whiteley.

Candidate Penny Miller wants to fill the gap between the council and the public.

"I want individuals to feel like their government is transparent," said Miller.  "They (need to) know what is going on and how to get a hold of people in order to make their views known."

Each candidate said no matter who is elected on November 7, they are confident the chosen councilor at-large will be a great asset to the community.

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