Above average numbers of waterfowl and deer expected

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Another record breaking deer season is likely according to Texas Parks and Wildlife. The bows and arrows must be put away on Nov. 3 but the general season starts Nov. 4. The rain we saw during the spring really helped increase the deer population and antler growth.

"It helps with all your wildlife. The wetter and the more rain that you have I mean in Texas the more animals that are going to reproduce, the better they're going to do," Eddie Hood said.

The duck numbers are also expected to be above average again. Texas Game Warden Eddie Hood said it's still a little warm to hear too many quacks just yet.

"When you're talking about migratory birds a lot of that depends on the weather," Hood said.

Gusty winds could be a good sign. When the next strong cold front rolls through, Hood said more waterfowl will make their flight into North Texas.

"You need cold weather up north to push the birds down south," Hood said.

He reminds hunters to have the proper hunting documents. Duck season starts Nov. 11.

"If you're going to hunt ducks and geese, in addition to a general hunting license, a regular hunting license," Hood said, "you're also going to have to purchase a migratory game bird endorsement as well as a federal duck stamp."

Migratory animals like birds and geese can only be hunted from 30 min before sunrise until sunset.

"If you're hunting ducks or geese you need to shut off at sunset," Hood said.

One of the most important things you want to do before you start hunting this season is to make sure you have your paperwork properly filled out.

Deer hunters must fill out the harvest log.

"Everybody is pretty familiar that you're required to tag a deer here in the state of Texas and cut out the dates on the back of the tag as well as fill out the county and the ranch name that you killed it on, but where people mess up a lot of times is they don't fill out the harvest log on the back of their license.

Record numbers are possible and more deer may be seen on the roadways.

"When the breeding season starts up bucks go to chasing does and they end up in places they are not normally at," Hood said.