Make sure your home is holiday ready

Make sure your home is holiday ready

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Winter is upon us and it is time to make sure your home is ready for the cold weather and more.

As you make plans to host family and friends for the holidays you want to use these tips from the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District.

You want to practice fire safety. Cooking fires occur more often on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year according to the U.S. Fire Administration.

To keep this from happening in your home you want to make sure your smoke detectors work and you have a fire extinguisher on hand.

It is important to test your smoke alarms once a month and replace the detectors every 10 years.

It is also wise to review fire safety tips and evacuation plans with your family before the holidays.

When it comes to chemicals make sure to keep them out of reach if you are expecting toddlers or young children in your home.

More than 300 children in the U.S. are treated in emergency rooms as a result of being poisoned by household cleaners and medicines according to the CDC.

In case of an emergency, you can call the Texas Poison Center Network at 1 (800) 222-1222.

When it comes to keeping warm many families bring out space heaters. For safety reasons, space heaters should never be plugged in while unattended and it needs to be kept away from anything that can burn.

Also, be sure to clean your space heater or any other heating equipment regularly. Space heaters are responsible for 50-percent of home heating fires according to the National Fire Protection Association.

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