Wasps are heading indoors

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Wasps start looking for shelter indoors when the temperature drops.

David Shoop was born into the bug industry. He is the manager for Shoop's Texas Termite and Pest Control.

"We've been here since 1932. My great-grandfather started it and we've been here over 80 years and my children will be into it, we'll never go out," Shoop said.

He said wasps may not be as active, but they can be very dangerous during the winter.

"Wasps are horrible," Shoop said. "Everybody is seeing them hit the windows right now, that's because they are going to be getting into the walls and making a nest inside the walls."

During the cold temperature, Shoop said wasps just slow down.

"It's kind of like a bear," Shoop said. They kind of hibernate a little bit. They are dormant, but they never truly fall asleep. They still have to eat it's just they're not as active,"

The temperature swing allows them to continue to fly outside looking for bugs to eat.

"It get's scary," Shoop said. "I lived in a home before where they were coming out of the fans, the lights and children were there and they're angry when that happens."

Shoop said the best way to keep wasps out is to make sure your windows and cracks are sealed tight. He is concerned about older homes.

"One other way you can do (it), of course, is to come up and spray the outside of the home around the windows," Shoop said.

The walls aren't the only place wasps hide.

"Inside air conditioner units sometimes they will start building that nest and things will go wrong with your air conditioner or anything that's outside," Shoop said.

Even at the risk of wasp's stinger, Shoop says helping people is why he works in the family business.

"We love solving people's problems, people come in and they're just at their wits end with something and we're always ready to help them and we really enjoy that," Shoop said.

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