Texoma church member reacts to shooting

Texoma church member reacts to shooting

BYERS, TX (KAUZ) - Security in churches across Texoma is now at the top of mind for everyone, especially in small towns.

Melba Glasscock, a member of First Baptist Church in Byers, said her congregation actually discussed the topic not too long ago.

Glasscock, got the news Sunday from her daughter and finds it hard to come to the reality that security at church is an issue at all.

"It made me very angry and upset and I just feel like it's horrible," Glasscock said. "Anywhere there is a shooting it's horrible but to think that you can't go to your own church and feel safe in your church...to me that's just the worst."

Glasscock's pastor told his congregation that this was coming and now that it has happened it has left her shaken.

However, she said this is something her pastor with First Baptist of Byers talked about with members of the church a while back.

"He said I don't know we might have to start locking the back doors of our church where no one can come in through the back," Glasscock said. "They will have to come in through the front and he would be the one facing the front door and would be the first person to see him."

Something Glasscock and her pastor find very disappointing to even talk about doing.

"It's sad to think you might have to lock the doors of your church to keep your people safe but it may come to that," Glasscock said.

One thing she is afraid of is people stop going church because they don't feel safe but she has no plans on staying home on Sunday mornings.

Glasscock will be in church praying for those affected by Sunday's shooting.

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