WF Mayor talks runoff election possibility

WF Mayor talks runoff election possibility

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - One of the big races in Wichita Falls this Election Day is the City Councilor At-Large seat.

There are four candidates vying for that position, making the chances for a runoff election likely.

If no single candidate gets 51-percent of the votes then a runoff election would take place.

Charles Barr, Brendan Bell, Penny Miller, and Bobby Whiteley are hoping for a victory.

Mayor Stephen Santellana said since there are four candidates there is a good chance a runoff will happen.

He said especially because they are all strong contenders and have a lot of supporters.

If this does take place, the two candidates with the highest percentage of votes will go head-to-head next month. During the runoff it does not go by percentage, the person with the most votes wins.

As for the City Councilor At-Large seat, it will not be filled until there is an official winner, and City Councilor Michael Smith, who currently holds that position, will continue to do so.

The Mayor said the city would shoot for the first week of December to hold that runoff election.

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