Iowa Park Police are putting away their razors

IOWA PARK, TX (KAUZ) - Iowa Park Police officers are giving their razors a rest this month.

No Shave November is a nationwide campaign that helps spread cancer awareness.

Chief Robert Johnson, with the Iowa Park Police Department, said this is their first time taking part.

"What we chose to do is anyone who wanted to participate of our employees will give $20," Chief Johnson said.

The police department chose to give all of their donations to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Christopher Kelmer, a detective for the police department, is one of eight who are letting their facial hair grow for a cause.

"Without having this program I normally give once or twice a year to St. Jude. I really like what they do for children and this gives me an excuse to not to shave for the month," Kelmer said.

Chief Johnson said another reason they decided to participate is to help build a stronger relationship with their community.

"I want my guys to be approachable," Chief Johnson said. "I want the citizen to be able to feel comfortable with our police officers in our community. To be able to walk up to them and just have a conversation with them."

This is something Detective Kelmer believes will happen as the community begins to notice officers looking a little different.

"They are going to wonder why and what's going on," Kelmer said. "This just gives them a reason to come up and talk to us and that builds a report with the community and the police officers."

Chief Johnson encourages everyone to participate in this campaign by saying goodbye to their clippers for a month and then stopping by the police department with a donation for St. Jude.

However, when you stop by to give, get ready to smile for a picture that will be posted on the Iowa Parks Police Department Facebook page to recognize those who are helping in the fight against cancer.

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