Cooking course teaches members how to eat healthy on a budget

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Eating healthy on a budget is something everyone wants to do but many don't know where or how to start.

The Wichita Falls Area Food Bank is hoping to help residents out through a course thanks to a new partnership that allows residents to learn some new skills in the kitchen.

The course is called "Cooking matters for adults," and the 6-week course offered by the Food Bank will soon be sharing the kitchen with the Wichita Falls Wichita County Public Health District.

Since 2014, Jessica Bachman, a registered dietitian and the nutrition services director for the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank, has taken her passion for eating healthy to locations all over Texoma but Bachman said the free course that is meant to get people excited about cooking on a budget, has found a new spot.

While the course is currently in a large room at the Health District it will move into the Health District's new kitchen in a matter of weeks.

"Our course is focused on teaching families to cook meals at home so they can have healthy low-cost meals that are affordable and can stick better with their food budget," Bachman said.

Participants meet once a week and for two hours they learn to cook and even get to try out their dishes with their classmates. All in hopes of taking their new skills to their own kitchen.

"Participants get sent home with the ingredients to make whatever recipes we made in class so they can modal those things in their environment," Bachman said.

Laci Edwards, the community diabetes education program's manager, for the Wichita Falls Wichita County Public Health District, said the partnership is also benefiting three of the support and education groups.

With the ultimate goal of getting people back in the kitchen.

"One of their main barriers for taking care of themselves is the fact that they simply can't afford healthy food or if they can afford healthy versions of food they simply don't know how to prepare it," Edwards said.

On week five of the course members take a field trip to a local grocery store where they learn how to read food labels and shop healthier on a budget.

If you want to learn how to eat healthy on a budget you can sign up for the free course by giving the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank a call. You can reach them at (940) 766-2322.

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