Police departments offer active shooter training

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Several police departments in Texoma are getting calls about active shooter training following Sunday's deadly attack at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.

Wichita Falls Police Department is one of the departments with an education program and officials said no two active shooter situations are the same.

"The buildings are different," said Wichita Falls Police Sargent, Harold McClure. "The layout is different, the weapon is different, and the threat they introduce is different."

Sgt. McClure said a person can never be mentally ready for an active shooter.

"It is traumatic," said McClure.  "Unless you've been in that situation it's hard to describe."

Many police departments have a program to keep people safe where officers come to your work,  church, or school.

They can teach you what to do if a gunman comes in shooting. Police said the three things you can do is run, hide, or fight back.

Sargent McClure said the best thing is to try and get out with as many people as you can, or lock yourself in a spot where the attacker can't get to you.

If you hide, McClure said to make sure you're in a spot that can protect you from gunfire. If you choose to fight, don't hold back.

"If you're going to engage the threat, bring the kitchen sink," said McClure.  "You're talking about your life, the life of your co-workers, and the life of your family or your friends."

McClure hopes this course can save a life.

"If it turns out that you never have to use it that's even better," said McClure.  "If you're ever confronted with a situation where you can maybe rely on some of these tips or ideas or just a mindset."

If you want to set up a class where WFPD will come out to your church, school, or business you can set up a time by calling 940-720-5000.

If you do not live in Wichita Falls, give your county sheriff's office or police department where you live a call they are trained to show you what to do.

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