Heroes of Texoma: Quilts of Valor Foundation

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - With Veterans Day coming up this weekend, the Quilts of Valor Foundation handed out handmade quilts to local veterans as their way of giving back to those who served.

"I was shocked, I wasn't expecting it at all," said Navy Veteran and quilt recipient, Chris Riordan.

"These quilts that these ladies have put together. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of labor of love from them. And that's really a beautiful thing," continued Riordan.

Cindy Simmons, Chairperson for the Quilts of Valor Foundation, says it's their mission to give out these quilts so that veterans can find comfort and healing.

"These men and women served us at a time where they're away from home. These quilts can give them that comfort and that warmth of home and that's what we want them to have more than any bad memories they may have from being away," said Simmons.

The quilts are made by the Red River Quilter's Guild and then handed over to the Quilts of Valor Foundation to be handed out.

"It's something that's homemade. It's made right here in Texoma. It's made by ladies that love them. It's not bought in a store, it wasn't made overseas, it's homemade Texas," said Riordan.

It comes at a perfect time, as Veterans Day is this Saturday, November 11th.

"I grew up as an Army child and I've got several family members also that have served and nobody ever thanks them. We need to thank our vets. We need to remember the reasons we have the freedoms that we have," said Simmons.

"So get out and get engaged. Find your veterans, say thank you," said Riordan.

If you'd like to nominate a Hero of Texoma, send us an email about your military member to news@kauz.com and be sure to include their name, any pictures, and their contact information.

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