Election Results: Changes coming to Bowie City Council


BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - A change was made to Bowie's City Council as two incumbents were unseated after Tuesday night's election.

The change was something several Bowie residents called for months ago. Some even asked for a recall.

"[I'm looking forward to] working with the new council members and the existing council members," Mayor-Elect Gaylnn Burris said.

The incoming mayor sat on city council for three months before running unopposed.  She said she wants to create a dialogue between residents and city council.

"I think if we give them more information to learn so they have more in their arsenal and we can all start working together," Mayor-Elect Burris said.

That is something Bowie resident Tami Buckmaster said is needed. She and other angry residents got together to shake up the city council. Two of three of the nominees she supported removed incumbents.

"Both of whom are going to be very good city council members. not going to follow the crowd," Buckmaster. "They're going to voice their own opinion. That's what we're looking for."

Buckmaster said she and the other group members were upset about the rise in utility costs.

"We have people here who are on fixed incomes, and lower-income families, who struggle with it every year and it's not something that we feel can continue on."

Mayor-Elect Burris said if utility costs are lowered by two cents than the city would lose $1.5 million dollars.

Bowie Mayor Scott Davis, who will leave his position November 16, said the advocacy group did affect the election but the City Council members always work as a group.

"I think that regardless who gets on council it's an accumulation of the ways of thinking and minds that create a good decision," Mayor Davis said."

Bowie City Council Precinct 1 winner Arlene Bishop and Precinct 2 winner Machelle Mills won with a margin less than 51 percent. It leaves the door open for a possible runoff. Something Mayor-Elect Burris told us another election would be very expensive for the city.

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