Tatum Veitenheimer signs with Oklahoma basketball

Windthorst's Tatum Veitenheimer poses for pictures before signing to play basketball for Oklahoma / Source: KAUZ
Windthorst's Tatum Veitenheimer poses for pictures before signing to play basketball for Oklahoma / Source: KAUZ

WINDTHORST, TX (KAUZ) - Windthorst star Tatum Veitenheimer officially put pen to paper Wednesday, signing to play basketball for the University of Oklahoma! She had a great guide in her recruiting quest, as her coach Heather Stark was a two-sport star at the University of Texas.

"A lot of people will never get to coach a player like her," Stark said. "Obviously she's very talented, but I think the thing that a lot of people don't understand about her is just what a great leader and a great teammate she is."

Tatum said that she was been able to rely on coach Stark a great deal during her wild recruiting experience, which saw more than 15 major Division I schools come calling.

"She's gone through all the same things that I have," Tatum said of her coach. "We've had a lot of personal conversations as far as recruiting, and just everything with college. And I feel like she's given me a pretty good point of view."

"Obviously it's a little bit different now than it was whenever I was going through it," Stark said. "But I think I was just able to talk to her a little bit about what was going to happen, and maybe some things to expect."

One thing that's made Veitenheimer special is that unlike most players with Division-I scholarships in hand, she never stopped playing all of her other sports for Windthorst. She excels on the volleyball team as well as the softball and track teams.

"I'm fortunate enough to come from a small community where you kinda play everything and get different groups and different friends, and just go and succeed at what we're doing," she said.

"She wanted to stay with her classmates and stay with her friends, and continue to help our school be as successful as we can be at every sport," Stark added.

And as for that rivalry between Stark's burnt-orange alma mater and Veitenheimer's new crimson-and-creme home? They're still working through that one.

"I don't know if I can start the 'Boomer Sooner' chant yet," Stark admitted.

But Tatum isn't counting it out. "I think before too long I'll get her to say 'Boomer Sooner' at least once," she said.

It's not quite basketball season yet in Windthorst. Tatum and the #7 Trojanette volleyball team plays in the Regional Semifinals against Wink Friday morning at 11 a.m. at Western Texas College in Snyder.

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