WF and Wichita Co. continue to work towards economic vision

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - As the city of Wichita Falls continues to grow, the chamber is looking beyond city limits. They met with Wichita County Commissioners to talk about their vision.

Both sides think these discussions are crucial for future growth. Economic development doesn't stop at a city or county line. That's what C.E.O. of the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce Herny Florsheim told commissioners this morning.

Florsheim talked with the county about their current work with Market Street Services to help bring in more businesses and grow the economy.

The two sides also talked about what the county could do to help. Florsheim and Commissioners walked away encouraged from the meeting.

"You don't just hire people that live in the zip code your business is in," Florsheim said. "Everybody's got to be on the same page. Everybody needs to support our efforts and the county does that very well."

"Each government entity and everybody should be on the same page together," Precinct 1 Commissioner Mark Beauchamp said. "Having Henry be the mediator between everybody and making sure those things happen, it's very important for our goals to mesh."

Commissioner Beauchamp said things are starting to happen quickly downtown and that's great for the economy.

Florsheim and Commissioner Beauchamp said they hope to continue to meet on a quarterly basis and discuss ways to improve things like quality of life, training programs, and the talent pool.

Florsheim said partnerships with other cities can be the deciding factor in bringing more business to the area. He said a recent expansion project in Vitro Architectural Glass wouldn't have happened without the support of Burkburnett. A project so successful that it even went on to win a statewide economic development award.

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