Business gets early start for residential Christmas decorating

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - As of Tuesday, Christmas is only 41 days away.

While most people are waiting until it gets closer, some houses are already turning their lights on.

That's opened the doors for local businesses to make more money during their off-season.

Falls Turf and Ornamental have been busy already this season hanging Christmas lights around Wichita Falls.

They've done around ten houses already this year and Falls Turf and Ornamental owner Shane Naylor said it's getting earlier and earlier each year.

"Last year we started a little bit earlier in the middle of November, now we've already started. First lights went up October 25th," said Shane Naylor.

Lights take three to four hours to be hung up. Naylor said that they maintain the lights through the season and then take them down after Christmas is past.

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