Clay Co. business prepares to sell alcohol

CLAY COUNTY, Tx (RNN Texoma) - In six weeks Clay County businesses will start selling beer and wine.

Voters approved alcohol sales last week and the owners of the Jolly Travel Center were a big part of getting the law changed.

The business is a staple of the city since it first opened in 1967. The Kadali family owns the business.

They said they are anxious to ring up beer sales in the coming weeks.

"We're hoping by Christmas if not by the new year we should have it all stocked up and ready for sale," Amir Kadali said.

Amir and his father, Yadi, worked for two years to legalize beer and wine sales.

Jolly was one of a few dry cities in Clay County. Kadali said that hurt business and it gave a  competitive advantage to nearby stores.

"We pretty much wanted a fair chance of doing business like all our neighbors, Henrietta and Wichita Falls," Amir said.

They lead the drive to get 12 hundred people to sign a petition so the issue could put to voters countywide.

Kadali said he should finalize paperwork by next week so his travel center can be certified to sell beer and wine by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commision.

Seven new refrigerators were built to stock the alcoholic beverages. Kadali said the will not only be good for the Travel Center, but the ripple effect will be seen all over the area.

"The tax route revenue is going to go up and that's really important for our city," Kadali said. "They're going to have more money to build roads."

He said the timing of the new law change could not be better. A new Travel Center is under construction down U.S. 287 at the Henrietta exit.

Henrietta was a wet city before the measure passed.

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