Disney wish granted for Wichita Falls 9-year-old

WICHITA FALLS, TX - One wish is coming true for a Wichita Falls boy with help from the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Nathaniel Martin is a 3rd grader at Burgess Elementary.

It is his positive attitude that keeps him going and made Make-A-Wish is granting his wish to spend his 10th birthday at the most magical place on earth.

"He's got a good personality," said Ashley Martin, his mother. "Everybody loves Nate."

When Nate was born, he was diagnosed with a muscular disorder that affects his nervous system.

"He's like any other kid. We treat him like any other kid," said Martin.  "He just can't get up and run like any other kid.  Other than that he's awesome.  He can do anything that any other kid can do."

His mom applied for the wish a couple of months ago after hearing about the foundation from a family friend.

One month later she got the call that Nate would get to spend his 10th birthday at Walt Disney World.

"It was really hard to keep a secret," said Martin.  "It is awesome because right now I can't give that to him so it was a really good feeling."

Wednesday afternoon, he was greeted by his mom, dad, classmates, and Mickey Mouse for the surprise.

Wish granter Shelly Koehler said this is one of the quickest wish grants the team has made.

"Make-A-Wish just completely jumped through hoops to make it happen. The doctor jumped through hoops to send the paperwork back.  The family got me everything we needed quickly and came together," Koehler said.

The Martin family is thankful for the support so Nate can spend his birthday where dreams come true.

"A wish that normally would have taken nine months they made happen in a month," said Ashley Martin.

"I want to say thank you to the people that gave me the wish," said Nate Martin.

Nate said he is most excited to meet Lightning McQueen. The family will head to Walt Disney World at the end of November.

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