Pink pump gets people talking about breast cancer

Pink Oil Pump
Pink Oil Pump

BURKBURNETT, TX (KAUZ) - Drive along Preston Road in Burkburnett and you will probably do a double take.

There's a big pink oil pump working in a field. Nearly 25 oil pumps sit across 180 acres of land in the city.

But one of them is not your typical pump. It's painted pink for breast cancer awareness, something near and dear to the heart of former landowner LaDena Pitts.

The Pitts family used to own the land until it was sold to new owners who moved in two weeks ago. LaDena told her husband and workers she didn't like the pumps.

"She said the black things are ugly," Jim Pitts said. "So what did they do? They painted it pink and white for her. It tickled her to death. And everybody that comes along and sees it."

Mike and Cotton Graham work for Newport Operating, the company that installs and runs the pumps. Once they heard the idea, they were on board.

"I'm not sure she thought we would actually do it," Mike Graham said. "But we figured hey why not. I think breast cancer awareness was something she was a pretty big supporter of."

"As a husband and father of three daughters, it's also (has affected) my family," Cotton Graham said. "So I'm doing anything we can to drive awareness to it."

The pink pump has people talking which is exactly what Newport Operating was hoping for. Now they hope to use their pumps as a platform.

"It's the only opportunity we have," Mike Graham said. "It's not like we do anything else. With oil being what it is, it's not something people generally use as a platform for anything. And we figured why not. We have the opportunity so might as well take it."

"We're open to new opportunities and different ways to draw attention to not only what we are doing, but what's happening here in boomtown, Burkburnett," Cotton Graham said.

Look for some of the other oil pumps to possibly be painted in the future. What do the Graham's have in mind? Maybe red and green for Christmas or orange for Burkburnett High School.

The new owners said they love the pink pump and embrace what Newport Operating is doing. Cotton Graham said they will do anything they can to better Burkburnett.

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