Poinsettias are blooming now in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Many Poinsettias are already blooming a week before Thanksgiving.

Steve Smith, the co-owner of Smith's Gardentown said the plants color will last well past the holiday season.

"If you've got a pretty bright area like a sunroom people tell me that they can keep them in color until April, May, even later," Smith said.

With the right amount of care, he said you could have color for as long as seven months.

"The light and the temperature are the main things. If you got them in a bright location they'll stay colorful for a lot longer," Smith said.

Poinsettias are native to Mexico.

"So they can't stand cool temperatures," Smith said

Despite the temperature needing to be above 55 degrees. The plant is most popular around Christmas. In 2015, poinsettias across America made $140 million.

"As long as they're in the house they're comfortable at the same temperature that you're going to be comfortable at," Smith said.

Smith grew up taking care of plants.

"My grandfather started the business and then my dad so it's pretty much all I've done pretty much all of my life. And I just love growing plants," Smith said.

They started growing this year's poinsettias in August.

"We grow them out through the summer and fall and they begin to show color. About Halloween, they start to show some color," Smith said.

He said if you are lucky you find one that's different from the rest.

"This one's called red glitter. It's a fairly new variety and you know when you are growing thousands and thousands of poinsettias you may have one that's different from the others," Smith said.

Growers can sell the new variety, but Smith said he hasn't been that lucky.

No matter the color, the key Smith says to keeping it all Holiday season is light and temperature.

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