Cannabis defense billboards seen along U.S. 287

WICHITA COUNTY, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Several billboards along U.S. 287 are turning the heads of some drivers.

The seven billboards were placed by a cannabis defense attorney from Vernon to Bowie during the summer.

U.S. 287 covers around 200 miles through three counties in Texoma.

For years, it is been nicknamed the 'drug superhighway.' In just the last two months, Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Dan Buesing said five marijuana arrests of more than 30 pounds were made.

"Mainly it's going to the major cities in the Metroplex in Dallas and Fort Worth," Trooper Buesing said.

A Dallas lawyer wants to defend those arrested for cannabis-related charges along U.S. 287, so much so, he has placed billboards along the highway near Vernon, Bowie, Henrietta, Bellevue, and other locations.

"You want to put billboards were you're needed and I'm definitely needed in that area," David Sloane criminal defense attorney said.

He said 95-percent of his clients were arrested carrying small amounts of marijuana after they visited states like California or Colorado.

"I see the overwhelming majority of arrests that are being made are not people carrying huge amounts," Sloane said. He also said he represents people accused of trafficking marijuana.

"Those cases don't typically come off the billboards. They come from referrals from attorneys in other states or people that already know me and my reputation."

He is planning on putting another billboard in Wichita Falls next month. Texas DPS reports in 2016, there where more than 66,000 marijuana-related arrests in Texas.

Possession of four ounces of marijuana is a felony in the Lone Start State and anything with THC liquid, like edibles, is an automatic felony.

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