Several wrecks at intersection have officials looking at possible changes

Harding Street
Harding Street
Harding Street
Harding Street

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - One man is facing life-threatening injuries after losing control of his motorcycle and wrecking out at Harding Street and Thompson Road Thursday night in Wichita Falls.

It wasn't the first wreck at the intersection. In December of 2015, a 50-year-old man lost his life after wrecking out and hitting the median.

Eight months later two more were killed in a motorcycle wreck at the same spot.

Why so many wrecks? Wichita Falls Director of Traffic and Aviation John Burrus said Harding Street is compounded with straight-a-ways in both directions before the median and s-curve.

He believes it's part of the reason why. Wichita Falls police think speed could have played a role in all of the wrecks but the city will still look into the accidents and see if changes are needed.

TxDOT's Adele Lewis said when they look at dangerous spots, they consider factors such as whether the signs are big enough and bright enough, if things like rumble strips are needed to reduce speed, or whether the area has enough lighting.

However, TxDOT will not be looking into these wrecks because Harding Street falls within city limits.

Burrus said it's too early to tell whether changes will be made, but his message to drivers is to slow down while traveling through the area and speed is the number one contributing factor into wrecks in Wichita Falls.

Burrus added every time there is a fatal wreck, the city checks it out. He believes they will get the information they need to make any decisions in the next six to eight weeks.

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