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WF Salvation Army Commanding Officers to retire


Several Salvation Army bell ringers are outside of stores looking for donations. While they are working to help others, those in charge of the Wichita Falls chapter are celebrating the years they have done the same. 

Major Robert and Major Charma Green are preparing to retire after almost 40 years of serving the community.

The pair enjoyed hosting their last Thanksgiving meal on Thursday and are now getting ready for their last Christmas meal.

Maj. Green said he cherished spending time with those he helps and will miss that the most.

The pair worked alongside each other in 13 different cities including Wichita Falls.

"They're like family," Maj. Green said.

He got involved with the non-profit when he was 17-years-old then joined the U.S. Army. When he was stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, in 19-74, that is when he met his wife.

"Oh she was so beautiful," Maj. Green said.

It was love at first sight when he took one glance at Charma with her golden-brown hair and long brown scotch-plaid skirt.

"I saw her from across the room and normally I didn't go off talking to girls," Maj. Green said. "I was a shy person at that point but I saw her and I could not help myself.

"I told her that God had called me to be a Salvation Army officer and anyone that I marry will have to be a Salvation Army officer. She automatically assumed I was insane," he said while laughing.

They got married in 1975 and were ordained together at the Salvation Army Seminary two years later. 

"People with severe problems just come in and become a blessing to us," Maj. Green said.

As they get closer to June, their last month in uniform, he said the long hours and long days were worth it.

"I think I'm going to miss the people most," Maj Green said holding back tears.

Their last day at work will be in June. Their official retirement day is on September 1, 2018. They will use their vacation days to keep them out of the office until that day. 

Maj. Green said they are planning on traveling the country once they retire and they will make their first trip to the Grand Canyon.

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