Blind golfer wins American Blind Golf US Match Play Championship

Blind golfer wins American Blind Golf US Match Play Championship

ANDREWS, TX(RNN Texoma) - Charlie Adams, a Kermit native, has been playing golf for about 16 years. He just won the American Blind Golf US Match Play championship last month. But it was never like this before.

In fact, Adams actually doesn't see much when he's playing.

"Looking though a piece of paper and through a dime hole and that's about what I see from my right eye only," said Adams. "My left eye, everything's blurry."

Adams became legally blind in 1997 after having brain surgery from a pituitary gland tumor. This led him retraining his entire body.

"It was difficult, very difficult," he said. "I didn't know what I was going to do. I worked all my life."

But then, he turned to golf, which has led him to winning three years in a row for the American Blind Golf Match Play Championship.

"They say you can't play golf, I say put your money where your mouth is, let's play," said Adams. "One guy in Kermit told me, 'You're blind, you'll never play golf again.' I started beating him, he wouldn't play with me no more."

Adams has also made third in the world in 2002 and second in the world in 2006.

"I have the only hole-in-one in the United States Blind Golf Association," said Adams. "I have five hole-in-ones and have yet to see one go in a hole."

After three major surgeries in his lifetime and with a loss of vision, Adams continues to play strong showing the most important shot you make, is your next one.

"I feel a whole lot better, went from being blind to being one of the best B2 golfers out there in the world," said Adams. "Don't give up, because everything is possible."

Adams said he plays two tournaments a year and plans on doing his next tournament in June in Ohio.

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