Family, neighbors mourning loss of child and grandfather

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Family members released the name of two people who lost their lives Monday morning in a house fire on Tradewinds Rd.

Family members were stopping by throughout the day still in shock.

One thing they all said is 10-year-old Brian Perez and his 85-year-old grandfather Tony Perez were inseparable.

Brian Perez and Tony Perez were inside the home when the house caught fire.

Galen Garrett, a neighbor across the street, said she called 911 when their dog woke her and her husband up to the flames.

"About 2:30 she started barking really bad and he came back out and the house was very bad," Garrett said. "He ran down there and the front door was completely on fire."

When Garrett's husband realized he couldn't open the door to the Perez's home, he ran next door to Mike Scitern's house to wake them up since flames were moving their direction.

"The house was just completely engulfed in flames," Scitern said. "I had enough time to move the vehicles out of the way and get the mowers moved because they were close."

Tony's daughter said off camera Brian was raised by his grandfather and they were very close. They were so attached Tony would not step a foot outside his door without Brian.

"This is a tragic loss...a terrible loss," Scitern said. "I hope the Lord sees fit to give them comfort in whatever way he can."

Tony's granddaughter said off camera both Tony and Brian were members of Life Church who adored their church family and pastor. Family members believe the fire was caused by a space heater in their living room.

Newschannel 6 has confirmed Mayor Stephen Santellana is related to the victims. Tony was his grandfather and Brian was his cousin.

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