Wichita Beer employees grow beards, raise money for employee's son

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Wichita Beer in Wichita Falls raised $4,500 for a cause that was near and dear to all the employee's hearts.

Every year during the month of November, members of the Wichita Beer team grow out their beards to raise awareness for cancer research.

But this year, they decided to make their mark mean a little more. The son of longtime employee Jacky Clark was recently diagnosed with ALS.

Several departments came together in hopes to raise $1,500 in a month for ALS research.

During a reveal on Tuesday afternoon, the total was revealed to be three times that amount.

The check reveal came after an ALS ice bucket challenge on the general manager, office manager, and employee Jacky Clark.

Around 50 employees came together to raise the money for Clark's son and ALS research.

Nearly 30 grew beards for the company competition. Three winners in different categories were given the honor to dump the ice on their general manager, office manager, and employee Jacky Clark.

Clark told everyone in attendance how thankful he was for their support.

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