Report: Tillerson to be pushed out as Secretary of State

Report: Tillerson to be pushed out as Secretary of State

WASHINGTON, D.C. (RNN Texoma) - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson could soon be out of a job according to a report by the New York Times.

The report cites officials within the Trump Administration and says a plan has been developed to push Secretary Tillerson out of his current position and replace him with current C.I.A. Director Mike Pompeo. Pompeo's position would then be filled by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, a key Trump ally.

The New York Times says it is not clear if President Trump has signed off on the plan developed by President Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Tillerson and Trump have found themselves at odds over a number of issues since the former Exxon-Mobile CEO took over the State Department. Tillerson has reportedly called Trump a "moron" in private conversations. Those reports led Tillerson to call a press conference to announce his support for the president earlier this year.

Tillerson, a Wichita Falls native, was a controversial pick at the time of his appointment due to his oil business ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin. It has long been speculated he would be leaving his role at Secretary of State, but these newest reports make it seem as if that could take place within the next few weeks.

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