Law enforcement agencies battle drug problem in north Texas

YOUNG COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - The fight against drugs continues in rural north Texas. A problem that law enforcement said is growing.

On Monday, a drug bust put 19 people behind bars according to the Graham Leader. 12 of those arrests came from Young County.

Sheriff Travis Babcock said the big city battle against drugs has hit his county, calling it a revolving door.

"We get the big guy and then there is another guy ready to step up and take his place," said Babcock. "They do the meth and that is all they want to do."

These days, it's cheaper to buy meth than make it. Sheriff Babcock believes that has made the problem even worse.

"It is distributed out through the metroplex and the bigger cities to the smaller communities like Young county and all the counties around us," said Babcock.

Donna Horton is the Executive Director of Turning Point, an organization in Graham that counsels people with drug addictions.

She said rural areas see more drug cases because of the lack of resources.

"Most of the people I see have no insurance," said Horton. "I can get them to rehabs, but it's harder because they don't have anything."

The department has worked on the streets and inside the jail to keep drugs out of Young county. It is a group effort between the Sheriff's office, Police departments, and drug counselors.

Horton and Babcock have both seen kids some as young as elementary students get involved in drugs.

"We'll go into schools and try to talk with them," said Horton. "I have had quite a few reach out for help since then and that's always good but for everyone, they get there are so many that are still out there."

Sheriff Babcock said the battle is never-ending.

"We are fighting it the best can and we're going to continue to fight it," said Babcock.

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