MSU officials looking over sexual assault survey results

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Midwestern State University officials are analyzing the last batch of campus climate survey data which arrived Thursday.

The survey was sent out during the spring semester to find out how widespread sexual assaults are on campus. 840 students took the survey, 59-percent were women.  The survey was provided by the Texas Woman's University.

The results showed 16-percent of students have reported being victims of sexual violence. Almost 23-percent of students, who were women, reported being victims of sexual misconduct that range from actual sexual violence to attempts.

That is the same as the national average across college campuses. 88-percent of attacks were committed by someone the victim knew.

A multi-disciplinary task force, formed this year, analyzes data to combat these sort of attacks.

"Sexual violence is an issue on college campuses we must address but as we see it is a significant issue beyond college campuses," Dr. Keith Lamb MSU Vice President for Student Affairs.

He also said the task force is already creating preventive measures to try to make the campus safer.

"[We want to] make sure that our students and their parents know what resources are available both on and off campus.

Some of those resources are the MSU Counseling Center and First-Step are resources students can use. Dr. Lamb said he wants students to know who they can speak with on campus.

"We want to make sure students are aware who they should report through to streamline that process namely our Title IX coordinator and our Title IX deputy coordinator."

He also said there has been an increase in students reporting sexual violence which means more students are comfortable reporting these attacks. There are eight reported sexual assault cases this year which are double the number of cases reported in 2016.

The next campus climate survey will be sent out next year, the Monday after spring break.

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