Hundreds celebrate Christmas in Bowie

BOWIE,TX(RNN Texoma) - Hundreds celebrated Christmas early in Bowie for the 26th Annual Fantasy of Lights Christmas Festival.

Children lined up to take photos with Santa Claus and told them what they wanted at "Santa's House."

Abigail Grace, 7, asked for a new tree house.

"'Cause you can climb up there and hide from your brother while we're playing monsters," Abigail.

Little Mason Morrice, 3, said he wanted something a little smaller, 'a monster truck.'

Bowie Main Street, a non-profit organization whose working to revitalize the city's downtown hosted the event thanks to sponsors like the town's First United Methodist Church.

"As an adult, you kind of lose the spirit a little bit," Michael Eichler a volunteer at the event said. "But when you do stuff like this it makes it worthwhile. You see the looks on their faces and it makes it fun.

"It puts them in this happy environment where you can have fun with kids."

Many gathered to watch the newly-sworn in Mayor Gaylyn Burris switch on the city's Christmas tree, a pine tree, which that has stood in the middle of downtown Bowie for decades. The lights parade closed the show.

"It's thrilling actually," Shannon Sikes Bowie Maint Street director said. "It's why we do what we do. it's for the community. it's for the children."

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