Blessing Box aimed to give back to the community

LAKE ARROWHEAD, TX (KAUZ) - On the east side of Lake Arrowhead is a standalone box that reads, "If you need it, take it."

"It is just something we could do to make things better for all of us," said Paul Spilman, president of the Lake Arrowhead Community Association.

The Association and the Arrowhead Baptist church got the idea for a blessing box when looking for a way to give back to the community.

They were inspired by the current blessing boxes in Wichita Falls and the success they had.

"Everybody was 100% behind it," said Daniel Stearns, treasurer of the association and deacon of the church.

The 2 groups pulled together money and donations.

A few weeks later, the box was open to the community.

"It was basically a give and take proposition," said Spilman.  "If you've got something, give it and if you need something, take it."

Peggy Selder is in charge of refilling the box.

She has received so many donations from people, she keeps them in the trunk of her car to stock the shelves.

"We are a very tight-knit community," said Selder.  "We wanted to give people a place to get what they need."

The group, however, hasn't been stocking the shelves, because it's not being used.

Stearns thinks that is because people do not know about it.

"We're stuck way out here outside of town," said Stearns.  "People do not drive by it except for the people in this area."

"We just need people to know that it is here and it is available," said Selder.

The church wants the community to take from the box to contribute to the blessing.

"We would like to have to refill this thing (the box) every week if possible," said Stearns.

They want to encourage everyone that the next time you drive by, check the box.

"It is a blessing box, but people need to understand when people take something out of there that they need it's a blessing for us," said Stearns.

The box is located at the Arrowhead Baptist Church in the Lake Arrowhead Community.

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