Dry conditions elevate fire danger

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - For over the past month, we've seen very little rainfall across Texoma. In fact, this November was tied for the 14th driest on record in Wichita Falls and 11th driest in Lawton.

Wichita Falls' last measurable rainfall was 27 days ago on November 8th where only 0.10" fell.

Our last good rainfall was 0.56" on October 21st, 45 days ago. It's been more than 60 days for Frederick, Oklahoma and Childress, TX since they've seen 0.25" or higher of rainfall.

Drought conditions continue to creep in but one area in Texoma is doing better than the rest. From Haskell to Graham, a heavy rain at the beginning of November has kept them out of dry conditions.

Bowman Volunteer Fire Chief John Strenski said like severe weather season, fire season is year round.

"You really can't point your finger at any one season. It just depends on what your weather is at any point in time of the year, what your fuel loads are like, and what your field moisture levels are like," said Strenski.

Chief Strenski says fuel loads, like shrubs, grass and underbrush, are high from previous wetter years.

But even though we're seeing drought conditions return, it's not a time to worry. Droughts are a natural part of the weather and earth cycle. At this point, a few good rainfall events would help fix a lot of these dry conditions.

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