Deadline to submit names for veterans memorial approaching

Deadline to submit names for veterans memorial approaching

YOUNG COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - The deadline for veterans to get their name on the New Century Veterans Memorial in Young County is in January.

The committee wants to unveil the monument July 4 but the problem is, there aren't many names going on it. Jake Bailey is one of the veterans whose name is going up on the monument.

After 2 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, he and his family moved back to Olney.

"I'm really fortunate to be from the era that really honors veterans," said Bailey.  Whether it is our veterans or others there is a lot of people making a commitment to show that appreciation for continued service."

The idea to make a new memorial came after Reta McCallum and others noticed there was no memorial with Young County veterans from this century. There are also some names left off of the counties current memorial.

"Those veterans deserve just as much honor as the people that we have put on the wall that we look at their names all the time," said McCallum.

The New Century Veterans memorial will be half the size of the current one on the square. The problem though is the number of names submitted to go on it is less than 100.

"They have young families and they're busy," said McCallum  "It is harder than when you're looking at historical documents to pull out of World War II or Vietnam."

Bailey said the reason veterans are most likely not submitting their names is because it goes against what they are taught.

"The military teaches humility," said Bailey. "I think it's hard sometimes for veterans to accept the honor that they are due."

Jake's wife Holly is on the New Century Veterans committee. She said the memorial honors more than the veterans.

"It gives a sense of pride for the community that we have sent soldiers to the war on terror that we are fighting and still fighting," said Holly Bailey.  "It's important to the families.  My youngest daughter wasn't alive when my husband was in the army but for my oldest daughter, it played a  roll in her life."

Jake Bailey said it is important for every qualifying veteran to submit his or her name.

"We owe it to our county and our communities to allow the veterans to be honored," said Jake Bailey.

The deadline to submit your name is January 1. If you or someone you know is a veteran in Young County and would like to submit your name for the memorial, you can contact the committee at 940-532-1118 or click here.

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