Cotton farmer sees high yields during harvest in Iowa Park

Cotton farm manager, Matt Mahler said this year's crop is really good and it's going for about 75 cents a pound.

The 360 acre field north of Iowa park can be harvested in about two days if the conditions are right.

"We're rolling right now and should nearly finish this field tonight.  So that will be good and we can move on to the next one," Mahler said.

They didn't get to start on Wednesday until about 1 in the afternoon

"It was a little bit humid this morning. The humidity needs to be right around 50% for us to be able to harvest," Mahler said.

Mahler has been a part of the Cotton Harvest since birth.

"We've been farming for longer than I've been alive," Mahler said. Of course I'm a fourth-generation farmer and you just fall right into the footsteps."

He said weather is always on his mind. The perfect weather for harvest includes dry conditions with low wind.

"The cotton actually has to be dumped from machine to machine so if there is high wind it will blow it out on the ground," Mahler said.

Wind can also damage the crop before the harvest.

"If you'll notice the cotton that's started to string out of the boll," Mahler said. "It's almost touching the ground, and with not hardly any force at all it would fall out and that could be just from a little bit of wind or really any kind of rainfall."

Any cotton on the ground is missed during harvest.

"Once the cotton is harvested off the stalks it goes into a transportation device pulled behind a tractor and it dumps into a module builder which actually stomps the cotton from loose leaf lent into a large bale."

One module is about 5000 pounds of cotton. Mahler said they will have about 50.

"It's just something that has to be done. It's a large part of society. If there wasn't farmers we wouldn't eat, we wouldn't have clothes."