City of WF adding electronic fare system to bus service

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A new electric fare system is coming to the Wichita Falls bus system after the city council passed a resolution to spend $141,000 on the project.

The city has been considering it for years, but the price was too high. Now they have the lower bid and they're hoping it will be in place this spring.

Right now the only way to ride the bus is with change, cash, or a paper bus pass. The new system will allow people to get a card and set up an account online where they can put money on their card. That's not the only change.

"They can also download the app on their phone and use their phone to pay for their fare," Public Transportation Administrator, Dennis Burket said.

If you like to ride the bus and use cash or change, you will still be able to do so. Burket said they are just trying to give riders more options and attract millennials to public transportation at a young age.

"They (millennials) use debit cards and other cards," Burket said. "They use their phones and aren't used to carrying cash. So we want to try to keep up with that trend."

The city is hoping to also reach "choice riders", those who have a choice on how to get around the Falls.

Burket said you have to get people riding at a young age and then it will follow them into adulthood. He added that he's happy to help bring about the change that riders have been requesting for years.

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