Emily's Legacy Rescue in need of fosters

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - For three years Emily's Legacy Rescue has found forever homes for hundreds of dogs and cats across Texoma.

"We want to pull from cities like Iowa Park, Wichita Falls, and Burkburnett because they have timeliness," Timber Hopkins, founder of Emily's Legacy Rescue said. "If they are not adopted or a rescue does not pull them they will be euthanized."

All of this is done with the help of fosters who are willing to take in an animal for a period of time.

With recent fosters who have left the city, they are short on fosters and five dogs are back in their kennels.

"With it being so cold it's hard for us to really keep it warm like they would have in a house," Hopkins said.  "We do have hay and we do have propane heaters but it's really cold and we would prefer that they are in a home where they are getting the attention that they so well deserve."

Hopkins said their kennels are only used when fosters are out of town because dogs often shut down when they are stuck alone.

"When they're stressed out here when they're cold when they're not getting the attention they deserve it's just not good for them. They kind of shut down and we don't want them to shut down. We want them to blossom, we want them to flourish and the only way they can do that is if they're in a foster home," Hopkins said.

Emily's Legacy Rescue will pay for basic veterinary care, food, and even toys.

All the foster has to do is sign up and provide a loving home.

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