Texans rank low on being vaccinated

There are more than 79 million Americans in the United States that have some type of virus, known as human papillomavirus, or better known as HPV. That number is growing each year.

The Center for Disease Control says 14 million Americans could become infected each year.

Even though the numbers are shockingly high, Texans aren't lining up to get vaccinated.

The University of Texas, recently did a report that showed that Texas ranked as one of the lowest states for vaccination rates in the nation.

Medical professionals say that the virus could lead to cancer.

"That effects women and men, that has been known to cause cancerous legions in women and men," said Sal Garcia with the Midland Public Health Department.

The CDC says that the Lone Star State between 2009 and 2015 saw close to 3,000 cases of HPV associated with cancer.  
"It's very, very beneficial and I guess people are just not getting it. How beneficial this vaccination can be," said Garcia.

The Midland County Health Department does want to remind people to stay safe and be sexually responsible.

"You know, that if you are going to practice sex, please, practice safe sex and get vaccinated," said Garcia.

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