Non-profits help rebuild veteran's home

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Several Texoma non-profits worked together to make sure a homeless U.S. Army veteran will have a place of his own.

The volunteers helped him rebuild his house and his life.

Wichita Falls Faith Mission preaches 'a new beginning' and on Saturday with hammers and nails, members of the non-profit and North Texas Veteran's Relief Fund (NTVRF) helped Casey McCain start his new beginning.

"I grew up here [in the house on Sheppard Access Road] since the age of 10," McCain said. "I can remember sitting out on the front porch at night and listening to the coyotes yelping and stuff like that."

The repairs to his home started three months ago but McCain said rebuilding his life has been a lifelong struggle.

"My addiction to alcohol took over," McCain said. "I couldn't hold a steady job and so I put my faith in the lord. I went to the Faith Mission and they took me in with open arms."

His wife is also in recovery.

Chris De La Garza a board member of NTVRF, a non-profit that helps homeless military veterans, organized the house rebuilding project.

"I'm a friend of Casey's wife," De La Garza. "I was aware of some of the struggles they were going through. I said 'you know what? we can't have them living on the street with nowhere to go. Let's do something.'"

She applied and received a $3,000 grant from the Home Depot. The hardware store supplied her with free tools as well.

"I was excited to do this for them," Ron Shook Home Depot Freight Associate said. "They're just people trying to better themselves."

De La Garza also recruited several contractors to volunteer their time for a job that can cost a lot.

"Oh my Lord, we're talking thousands," Garza.

McCain and his wife both complete their recovery in May 2018. The house is expected to be ready one month later.

"I'm going to meet her at the bus with a new ring on her finger," McCain said. "I'll bend a knee and say let's start it all over and go from there."

Mccain's father bought the home and rebuilt it after the tornado on Terrible Tuesday in 1979 and now McCain and his friends are repairing it again almost 40 years later.

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