UPDATE: WF man makes final collections for cousin's funeral

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Donations by Texomans are on their way to a family in Mexico to help them bury their loved one, Jose Luis Cordova, 36, who was murdered outside a restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

His cousin, Javier Juarez, made his final collections on Saturday. The week after Cordova was murdered, he left several donation jars in Mexican supermarkets, like Carniceria Los Cuates, to help return Cordova's body back to his hometown in Mexico.

"I feel great and I want to give thanks to everyone in Wichita Falls for all their support they have given me, for their donations," Juarez said. "God bless them and much more."

More than $450 was raised.

Juarez said Cordova's body was sent to Mexico Saturday night, he transferred the money to Cordova's parents to cover Sunday's funeral costs. He also said "the family finally has closure now that he will be back and his alleged killer is in jail."

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