Seeds of Hope campaign is short $32k

WILBARGER COUNTY (KAUZ) - A Wilbarger County organization that helps fund 8 agencies is short $32,000 for its end of year campaign.

This could mean budget cuts for those agencies if the goal of $120,000 is not met by December 31.

Wichita County Seeds of Hope by the Wilbarger County United Fund has one mission; to touch the lives of many in need by supporting non-profits in the community.

"We will cut every single budget that has been submitted to us from each agency so it will have consequences for all 8 agencies," Sarah Hernandez, Seeds of Hope board member said.

Hernandez, said over the years they've seen a steady decline when it comes to individual giving and it's something that's affecting several agencies like Boy Scouts, Camp Fire, Meals on Wheels, Salvation Army, Wilbarger County Child Welfare Board, New Visions Economic Development and even Boys and Girls Club of Vernon, which will impact the 400 kids they see each day.

"We have to cut programs, we have to cut salary expenses and so it has a detrimental effect on our organization," Hernandez said.

Another non-profit that would suffer from this cut is Senior Citizens Transportation.

"I think it would be detrimental for the people that use this," Arvella Storrs, Senior Citizens Transportation passenger said.

Both Jean Worley and Betty Morris have relayed on this service before and know for a fact several others continue to do so.

"It really helped because otherwise, I couldn't drive," Jean Worley said. " I would have to depend on someone else and everybody worked."

"My car broke down and I had no way to get around, so I did call the van and it did help me," Morris said. "I know a lot of people they don't have a way to get groceries or nothing."

Hernandez said they want to remind the community these are tax-deductible donations and any amount will make a difference. Donations can be made on Wilbarger County Seeds of Hope PayPal page.  All donations need to be sent by the end of the year.

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