1000 Texoma children given gifts for Christmas

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Cars lined up Wednesday morning at the National Guard building on Armory Road for the Salvation Army gift distribution to help make Christmas a little bit brighter.

A room full of bags, more than 100 bicycles, and a lot of smiles from the Salvation Army who is making Christmas possible for children in Texoma.Tylor Hodge is one of the volunteers helped pass out Christmas gifts.

He volunteered Wednesday because of what the non-profit brought when he was a child.

"I grew up kind of poor," said Hodge. "My nana would go and do the application for the angel tree and they would give me presents.  They would do the things she could not afford to do and it still meant the world to me."

Hodge helped packed cars full of toys Wednesday.

"It has been very crazy at times," said Heather Nichols, a first-time volunteer. "Everybody was getting here at once but we all worked together and got it done."

"We've got a good group," said Major Charma Green with the Salvation Army. "A good balance of volunteers whether it's from our church or from the community and its been a great time."

Heather Nichols volunteered because the Salvation Army helped her husband as a child.

"I enjoy being able to give back to the people in the community and help them out as much as they can get," said Nichols.

Hodge's favorite moment of the day was loading two bikes into a woman's car for her kids.

"She just burst out in tears," said Hodge.  "She didn't know if she was going to be able to get anything and I'm really glad we were able to help her get some stuff for her kids."

Major Green said each year this makes a huge difference for families.

"Things may have been bad for the family all year long or maybe a tragedy just happened," said Green.  "The fact that on Christmas morning that child is going to have something under the tree, is my favorite part."

All 1,000 of the angels on the trees were adopted this year. Other ways the salvation army is able to provide for people this holiday season is with the money raised by the bell ringers you see outside when shopping.

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