Chris 'Woody' Woolington being honored with downtown bench

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Chris Woolington was involved in Wichita Falls in many different ways. That's why Downtown Proud is dedicating a bench to the guy they called "Wooly", who died in June of 2016.

Downtown Wichita Falls Development is going to be installing a number benches throughout the central business district, but feel the first at 8th and Indiana should be dedicated to Wooly because of just how much of an impact he had on downtown.

"He enjoyed a good laugh," Board Member John Dickinson said. "He wasn't above pulling a few pranks, and he liked having a pint or two."

Wooly was a husband, father, service member, downtown advocate, just to name a few.

"He sacrificed a lot for our country, and then sacrificed a lot of his time for helping downtown," Marketing Director, Jeanette Charos said. "He saw where we wanted to go with downtown, he believed in it, and helped any way he could."

"He's missed by everybody that he came in contact with," Dickinson said.

Charos first worked with him on the Zombie Crawl.

"For Zombie Crawl he created this whole kind of military scene for us," Charos said. "He was very creative."

Charos said his creative mind was behind many of great events downtown, and that he helped the district get the momentum it currently has.

She and Dickinson said he was the link between Sheppard Air Force Base and downtown.

"The enlisted men needed somebody that they could relate to, just like they do on a regular basis," Dickinson said. "And that was Wooly."

Charos and Dickinson hope the bench will carry his legacy on with the entire community.

"As long as we have these plaques on the bench, people will stop and read it and know a little bit about the guy that helped with the downtown coming back," Dickinson said.

Charos said he was a fun person to work with and a very hard worker. She said he gave a lot of his time to downtowns events and projects.

There will be a dedication ceremony for the bench Thursday at 5 p.m.

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