BBB warns drivers of dent repair scam

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Wichita Falls Better Business Bureau of Wichita Falls is warning drivers of a scam that's going around.

Roma Yokley, a victim, said she was outside of Beverly Drive United Methodist Church when she was approached by two men in a white pick up truck.

"They got out and said we will take that dent in the back of your car for $60 and I said no, I'm not paying you $60," Yokley said. "The smaller one got out and told the other one to get him some tools and they took some tools and proceeded to pop the dent in the bumper."

Once fixed the two men asked Yokley to pay up after she said no.

This is a scam the BBB is very familiar with, especially after a hail storm.

"They just seek out vehicles that have dents," Monica Horton, BBB Wichita Falls president said. "They approach those consumers in the parking lot and our experience in the past has been that generally, the consumers are not happy with the work."

Horton said to get the consumers trust they say they work for Gilmore's Collision Center.

A statement the manager of Gilmore's said is not true.

"We've received several phone calls," Nathan Rice, Gilmore's Collision Center manager said.  "Unfortunately we had a lady last week who we received a phone call from and they took 200 dollars from her and have not shown up to do the work."

Horton said if anyone is ever approached the best thing is to get a good description of the person and the vehicle.

"You may need that to provide that to the police later. Gather all of the information and if you're pressured, don't hesitate to call the police. If you have been a victim, you can report it to the Better Business Bureau through our BBB scam tracker portal," Horton said.

Another person was also approached by these men at Walmart on Lawrence Rd.

Horton said the men had waived them down and said the same thing to them.

After the driver said 'no' a few times the driver got in their truck and drove off.

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