Nocona Brewery sees production flow early

NOCONA, TX (KAUZ) - There is something brewing in Nocona. What started off as a dream for Dr. Kenneth Kollmeyer a year ago, is now the reality.

Nocona Brewery had its grand opening in September, but it didn't have a lot of beer.

The company wanted to be brewing by the start of 2018. But now the brewery is filled with tanks and is ahead of schedule serving its first batch of brew before Christmas.

Craig Carter is the owner of the Nocona Boot Factory and wanted to be ahead of schedule is because of the impact it brings to the community.

"We have sped up the timeline to make sure that we're going into production and focusing on distribution to help our community," said Carter.

Thousands of gallons of beer are being brewed. Adam Moore works at the brewery and said the process of getting the product to the people is apart of the nature of Nocona.

"It ties into the history here of craftsman and artisans," said Moore.  "Just hard working people that are willing to do whatever it takes to make something big happen."

Carter said they are doing more than just working with barley and hops.

"We'll have a huge economic impact of probably 10 or more jobs and you know distributions are expected in the million range."

Moore says before you know it, their brew will be flowing full time for the community.

"Once we start brewing it is just a matter of a few weeks until we can get it out to the public," said Moore. "We want to make some really good beer and stuff that will be enjoyed by everyone that we can be tied to the community."

The company wants to implement other businesses in its building in an effort to bring the community together.

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