TxDOT has big plans for 2018

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - We're days away from the new year, but in 2017 the Wellington Road bridge above U.S. 287 was replaced, highway 277 was widened through Dundee, and work was done near the Harrold Truck Stop to make it safer.

Crews spent much of the year laying asphalt, pouring concrete, and putting up signs.

Those were just a few of TxDOT's projects this calendar year and 2018 has the same outlook.

Improving safety will, once again, be the driver behind most of their projects. That includes a feasibility study on FM 369.

"We all know that 369 is just a two-lane road," TxDOT P.I.O., Adele Lewis said. "So we are going to spend about $1 million to look at that road and see what type of improvements we can do in the future."

And new cable barriers on I-44 near Burkburnett.

"We have a contractor out there that will be putting up post and cable barriers over the next several months to prevent crossover wrecks and keep all of the vehicles on their side of the freeway should they wreck out into the center median," Lewis said. "There are some curves up there, people take them too quickly."

TxDOT will also continue to enclose the drainage ditch on Southwest Parkway, focusing on the portion from McNiel to Rhea Road, and finish up construction of the Rifle Range Road bridge over 287.

Lewis said a lot of work has gone into new roads and flyovers throughout Texoma and they also need to continue to work to maintain them. She reiterates that safety is their top priority.

"Whether it's widening a road, even small FM roads, you'll see some wide shoulders, us putting up some center lines rumble strips, new safety lighting in a lot of locations," Lewis said.

TxDOT will also be working on a dangerous intersection in Baylor County where highway's 183 and 283 meet U.S. 277. They will spend $2 million on those changes.

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