Non-profit serves Christmas meals for all

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Wichita Falls Faith Mission and Faith Refuge fed more than 100 people in need Christmas Day.

The plates kept coming out until everyone was fed. Some of the people said they were grateful for every bite while they enjoyed their turkey dinner.

Raymundo Perez, like many at the shelter, is trying to get his life back on track. He said he is away from his traditional family but is enjoying his meal with his new family.

"It's a blessing," Perez said. "It just feels good to be sober after all these years."

"It's hard for people to ask help," Laura Jackson a volunteer said. "It's humbling to me because I know I would have a hard time myself."

It was Jackson's first time volunteering at Faith Mission during Christmas.

"I can't donate a lot of money so I donate my time," Jackson said. "I've done it before in other communities just to make you feel good. It feeds you,  it feeds your soul."

Wichita Falls Faith Mission and Faith Refuge have been helping feed people in need help for 60 years and the non-profits CEO Steve Sparks said he tries to make them feel comfortable during the holidays.

"They miss being around the tables in their family homes," Sparks said. "Having to spend it in a homeless shelter is not the greatest thing in the world but we try to make it as special as we can."

"I feel grateful and I'm very thankful to be having a meal here today," Lenora Williams said.

Sparks said some are so grateful they come back to the shelter after finishing the program to volunteer and share a meal too.

"This is where their friends are throughout the years so this becomes like their family," Sparks said.

He also said feeding one person at the shelters costs almost two dollars. He said each meal is made possible thanks to donations by Texomans and businesses in the area.

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