WFPD works with shelters to keep everyone warm this winter

WFPD works with shelters to keep everyone warm this winter

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - With colder temperatures, Faith Mission and Faith Refuge are expected to see a higher number of people with nowhere to go, filling beds.

Frankie Fuentes has been staying at Faith Mission in Wichita Falls for a few months.

He is apart of a program that is helping him get back on his feet.

"These people are really trying to help other people and they really care for the others," said Fuentes.

Many people like Fuentes come look for a place to stay warm during the winter.

Frances Anne Manning said they are not turning anyone away from their shelters.

"We do not want to have anyone in our community that is out in the cold," said Manning.  "We truly do care and want them to get back on their feet again."

They are able to do this by having beds ready for anyone who needs them.

One room at Faith Mission can hold 150 people.

When those rooms are filled, the shelters will pull out cots.

"They do not have anywhere to go," said Fuentes.  "It is so cold outside that they need a place everybody needs a place to go."

Both shelters get help from the community and the Wichita Falls Police Department making sure everyone who needs a bed gets one.

WFPD officers work with the shelters by patrolling the streets.

"If our officers see someone they are concerned about they're going to stop," said Officer Jeff Hughes.  "They are going to check on that individual and if that individual doesn't have anywhere to go our officers are going to check with community resources."

"I am amazed at how gracious our police officers are and they will bring people here," said Manning.

Fuentes is glad to live in a community, that shows kindness to everyone.

"They really care about the people here," said Fuentes.  "I've seen so much good come out of this community."

Both the men's and women's shelters still have beds available.

Check-in times for Faith Refuge is 5 p.m. every night and Faith Mission at 6 p.m.

There is no limit on how long a person can stay.

If you see someone outside and want an officer to check on that person,

WFPD encourages anyone to call the non emergency line at 940-720-5000.

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