Drunk drivers and icy roads plague New Year's weekend

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Texas DPS troopers said Texoma drivers will not only have to worry about the weather and icy roads but drunk drivers as well.

"There will be a lot of people driving intoxicated, making bad decisions this weekend," Sgt. Dan Buesing said.

Sgt. Buesing said last year there were almost 500 DWI arrests in the Lone Star State during New Year's weekend. The majority were made in North Texas.
"That always means a little bit of an uptick in accidents," he said.

That danger made some Texomans say they reconsidered driving on New Year's weekend especially after celebrating.
"The risk is just nowhere near worth the reward. nowhere is that far away in town," Branden Bell said. "Get a ride."

"On New Year's Eve, I will not drive because of the drinking and the people that will be on the roads," Deniece Moore said.

Moore lost a loved one because of drinking and driving.

"It affects every life and every family that you may have an accident. Even your own family member can have an accident and affects the whole family."
DPS Troopers are planning to increase patrols on busy highways and roads to find drunk drivers.

Sgt. Buesing said the troopers can use an extra pair of eyes. He said the public should call 9-1-1 and report someone they suspect may have been drinking.

"If you feel safe enough to stay on the phone with the operator, then do so so we can get an accurate location of that distracted driver," Sgt. Buesing said.

He also said the icy roads can make the situation worse.

"It's tough to drive on icy roads conditions when you're sober so when you are intoxicated everything is a little bit out of wack so to speak. You're going to make even worse decisions," Sgt. Buesing said.

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