As temperatures drop, protect your pipes

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - As long as temperatures continue to dip below freezing, it is important to protect your pipes from freezing over, causing a bust in your pipes.

Larry Green is a water restoration manager at ServiceMaster of Wichita Falls, a company that specializes in cleaning your home after a fire or flood.

One of their more popular calls in the winter is water clean up.

"In 2011 it got down in the teens for 4 nights straight and we had 176 water losses in one day," said Green.

That is because when temperatures get below 32 degrees, our pipes are at risk of freezing.

When you turn on your faucet the next morning there is no water, but as temperatures start to warm it starts to change.

"It's busted," said Green.  "The ice is in the line and as soon as it starts thawing is when you'll get water damage."

There are several ways to prevent your pipes from freezing.

One way is to leave your faucets dripping, so that water is constantly flowing through them.

The second is to keep your cabinets open so that the heat from your house can warm the pipes.

Green said proper insulation is also important.

"If you have water supply lines in the attic you can go to the hardware store and buy the round foam insulation and just wrap that stuff up," said Green.  "It saves you a lot of money because that is the worst place you can have water come from is above."

The most important tip is to always be on the lookout.

"Keep checking your plumbing," said Green.  Keep opening cabinets keep and walk around the house.  Listen for hisses it is really important."

Green said if your pipes do bust do not panic.

The first step you need to do is turn off the water supply to your home or business.

The next thing is to make sure to move as much of your furniture as you can away from the water damage.

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