NYE cold snap causes risky driving conditions

NYE cold snap causes risky driving conditions

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - TxDOT crew members were preparing for this cold snap over the past week.

Adele Lewis, the TxDOT PIO, said as they monitored the roads last night they noticed roads were becoming even more slippery, so crew members had to be called in.

"Whenever this type of precipitation starts hitting we actually start fighting it," Lewis said.  "Last night we were putting more brine water down on the bridges and overpasses to melt any freezing rain that has started to form."

Although, roads were covered with ice and snow Sunday morning many like Garry Austin were at Market Street doing some last minute shopping for Sunday night.

"We got family coming in from out of town and we're going to have some steak this afternoon to ring in the new year," Austin said.

Austin said he had no problem getting there, but many like Jelani Thomas prefer not to drive in these conditions.

"I live right across the street from Market Street so I decided to walk instead of drive because it's safer," Thomas said.

With it being New Year's Eve Lewis said Sunday night could be a risky situation.

"Not only are you going to have some snow or ice out there but you're also going to have drunk drivers out there, so your driver needs to be a designated driver," Lewis said.

In addition, those going out to celebrate need to keep in mind how dangerously cold it is, so it's important for drivers to be prepared for the worst.

"So if you get stranded or wreck out or even have to walk for gasoline you're going to be in some pretty frigid conditions and that's dangerous on its self," Lewis said.

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