Family dog missing after car crash

Family dog missing after car crash

ELECTRA, TX (KAUZ) - A Punkin Center family is still searching for their dog, Scooter after losing him in a car accident almost two weeks ago.

Dennis Wood, Scooter's owner, said his son was on business 287 coming from Electra when he lost control of his truck causing it to flip.

Their son was okay but their dog ended up missing after the accident.

The Wood's family believes Scooter may have run away after the crash.

"The dog is just my best buddy," Wood said.  "I can't look at his picture for too long or I'll cry a little bit. It would be like Christmas and everything in one to get him back."

The family has walked 35 miles searching around the area, set up traps, and even hired a search dog team last week to find Scooter but no luck yet.

The family believes the dog is roaming around between Electra and Iowa Park.

If you have any information, you're asked to contact Mrs. Wood at (940)-631-4744

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